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Your Reflection


Have you ever noticed you can see everyone and everything around you but yourself? Look down. What do you see? I see my nose, the warm, deep brown colour of my skin, my toes and my clothes but I don’t know how they look on me.

And that’s what mirrors are for, so we can visualise our features, our build, our width and length. These architectural words are the only words I can use to describe what I see because we are looking at an image through a shard of glass. As if we are structures.

Drawings and artwork of the human body require numbers, dimensions, lines and on the contrary that is not what we consist of. Forget the biology, the organs and the stuff’ think about the soul.

Solipsism. It is only what you know, only what your mind can rightfully conjure that is real, the facts, the cold hard facts. Anything outside of your conscience is beyond your control and is therefore doubtful. The reflection of a mirror or the stillness of a photograph, the external world and the existence of other people minds are unbeknown to us.

So why do you think we are made this way?

We will only ever see ourselves in a mirror, a photograph or even in a hesitant, woeful river, reluctant to reveal our reflections to avoid disappointment. We were made to see and appreciate other things, the beauty in everything else and this in turn should warm our hearts, that spirit and soul. “The soul of the world is nourished by other people happiness” so learn how to see the beauty in others and you’ll see, you’ll become beautiful and fulfilled. No flash of a camera is greater than the spark of your character. Auto -focus on someone other than yourself, release that narcissistic way of thinking and change it into selflessness.

Now let this shine out, let this be your reflection.  

How to be a heartbreaker

Rule number 3 where your heart on your cheek but never on your sleeve unless you wanna taste defeat. I’ve started a new blog! Transitioning from the normal world into the fashion & culture Cosmos
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The always fashionable Joanna Hillman making her way to the Lincoln Center #NYFW #streetstyle
WGSN street shot, New York.

Rafael Cennamo presentation at the Lincoln Center
Just did my nails like this but used lilac instead of grey; love it

snapped by streetstyle photographer Marlen Stahlhuth

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Denim on Denim on Denim !!! 😍👏 #Levi #Denim  (Taken with Instagram)

My iPods on shuffle it went from The Weeknd to The Smiths

My favourite magazine EVER

Keller and Wittwer on FTC